The BMW 7 Series: Fast Sedan with Luxurious Amenities

The BMW 7 Series is a high-end sedan that's engineered to deliver superb performance and optimum comfort on the road.

The BMW 740i and 750i trims run on six-cylinder engine blocks that produce up to 320 horsepower and 445 pound-feet of torque. Running on a plug-in hybrid system, the 740e edition achieves a peak output of 322 hp. 

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Muscle and Luxury Characterize the BMW 2 Series

BMW owners have a little bit of the daredevil in them, but they want luxury too. That's why the BMW 2 Series has long been a popular vehicle for owners who want a luxury coupe or a convertible. When you drive a 2 Series, heads will turn for a number of reasons.

The 2 Series is designed to perform, which explains its enduring popularity among repeat owners.

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The Stylish, Fast BMW 4 Series

The latest 4 series has been given a light refresh from the German automaker. BMW goes all out with their engines, creating trim after trim of high horsepower and sporty designs. The 4-series is no exception with several different options that give you the most out of the engine without sacrificing too much on fuel efficiency. The Gran Turismo is a great trim because of xDrive and all of the available premium upgrades included, such as blind spot monitoring.

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The Luxurious BMW 6 Series

Those who are interested in a true luxury car should look at the vehicles that make up the BMW 6 Series. There are three available models in this series. The series includes the Gran Turismo, the Grand Coupe and the Alpina B6. The Alpina B6 is a special model that includes a hand-tuned engine and a refined interior.

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The Buzz About the BMW 5 Series

This sedan is unlike any other car you have driven. The BMW 5 Series was designed to put the driver in total control and at ease behind the wheel. You will not find any engine more responsive in its class. Whether you choose the sport transmission or the standard all-wheel drive option, you are sure to find enough power and acceleration to satisfy your need for speed.

If you want an upgrade from the already outstanding base model, you can certainly personalize performance with some options, such as dynamic handling packages. 

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Take a Gander at the BMW 3 Series at BMW of Fort Lauderdale

The BMW 3 Series has been voted the best small car in the world for many decades. There are a number of reasons why this line of cars continues to have such astonishing success. One draw is the storied history of the 3 Series. They were originally developed as track cars and have had astonishing success on the raceway. The classic styling is another big draw for 3 Series owners and fans.

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It's Important to Clean Your Wheels and Tires

Many times, people forget to clean the wheels and tires on their vehicles. This is a mistake. Cleaning your wheels and tires is an important step in maintaining them. Caring for them properly can help extend their lifespans.

One common issue for wheels and tires is brake dust. Brake dust contains tiny metal shavings, adhesives and other dangerous particles. Over time, this corrodes your wheels and tires. 

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Signs Your Suspension is in Trouble

There is a system on your vehicle that helps absorb the bumps and impacts you encounter on the road. This system is your suspension and over time, this part of your vehicle may need to be repaired because of normal wear and tear. There are a number of indications that you can keep an eye out for that will let you know it is time for professional maintenance.

This can include:

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Motor Oil Myths You Should Know

When it comes to routine oil changes this item of service is a must if you want to make sure that your vehicle is going to be reliable and efficient for the amount of time that you own it. Unfortunately, there are some myths out there when it comes to your motor oil, how often you should change it and what type of oil should be used among other things. 

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Keeping the Vehicle's Cabin & Engine Air Filters Clean

Your home has a number of air filters in place to improve air quality inside the house. Your vehicle also has air filters working to improve the cabin air quality and what air reaches the engine.

Those cabin air filters will remove small particles from the air so the driver and passengers are not breathing in things like mold spores or allergens during the ride.

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