Vehicle Alignment Improves Gas Mileage, Ensures Smoother Ride

Have you recently noticed any vibration in your steering wheel as you have driven your vehicle around Fort Lauderdale? Have you noticed uneven tire wear, or that your vehicle seems to pull to the right or left when applying the brakes? These are all signs that you need to make an appointment at BMW of Fort Lauderdale for a vehicle alignment inspection.

Many conditions help to knock your car's wheels out of alignment, including pothole-filled roads and roughly rubbing against the side of the curb when parking. A lack of proper alignment can result in annoying steering wheel shimmy, uneven wear on your tires, and a less than comfortable ride.

The service department at BMW of Fort Lauderdale is expert at performing wheel angle measurements to determine the proper adjustment. When your vehicle is properly aligned, you extend the lifespan of your tires, enjoy better gas mileage, eliminate steering wheel vibrations and enjoy a smoother, safer ride.

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