Look for Tire Cracks and Splits in Your Tires

Cracked or splits in the side wall is a sure sign of tire trouble. You can inspect your tires from time to time to look for splits and cracks. Owners may be limited in that they cannot easily see the inside walls. When you have routine maintenance, the technician should closely examine the treads and the sidewalls.

Cracks and splits can come with age, defect, and damage. Tires encounter sharp objects, hard edges, and curbs, any of these can cause a split, tear, or crack in tire walls. Fort Lauderdale drivers understand the inconvenience of soft or flat tires. They require servicing and replacement. Cracks and splits in the sidewall create a risk of a blowout or flat tire while on the road.

At BMW of Fort Lauderdale, we offer a service package that will keep your tires in good condition and alert you to the need to replace them. Our services include regular inspections, maintenance, tire rotation, and repairs. We can help keep you safe while on the road, please drop by our service center or call for an appointment.

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