Keeping the Vehicle's Cabin & Engine Air Filters Clean

Your home has a number of air filters in place to improve air quality inside the house. Your vehicle also has air filters working to improve the cabin air quality and what air reaches the engine.

Those cabin air filters will remove small particles from the air so the driver and passengers are not breathing in things like mold spores or allergens during the ride. Clogged and dirty filters decrease air quality inside the cabin significantly.

The engine air filters are working all the time to keep dirt and dust from entering the engine. If the filters are clogged and dirty, then these tiny particles can get in the engine and affect the power. You'll notice it when the car cannot accelerate properly.

If you have not replaced those air filters in some time, visit our service center at BMW of Fort Lauderdale so our team can inspect the quality of the air filters and replace them if warranted.

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