A Number of Signs Your Car's Exhaust is Leaking

When the car's exhaust system is working perfectly, dangerous gases are taken from the block to the back of your vehicle by way of a pipe system. Here are some signs the pipes may be leaking.

While you are sitting in the driver's seat of the car, feel for a new vibration with your hands or feet. Place your foot on the gas pedal while the car is running to feel for anything out of the ordinary, or grab hold of the steering wheel and feel for the vibration.

Open the hood to your vehicle as it idles, and listen for a popping sound or hissing coming from the exhaust manifolds. Air is escaping from the exhaust system if this is the case and should be addressed.

It is important you get your vehicle to our service center at BMW of Fort Lauderdale if you suspect that the exhaust system is leaking so we can check and repair if needed.

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