What to Know About Your Tire Pressure Light

When your tire pressure light comes on this is something you don't want to ignore. Your sensor doesn't go on automatically when your air gets a little low. Rather, it needs to fall below approximately twenty-five percent of the recommended air limit before it will light up. This is a substantial amount of air and this is the time to make sure you give your vehicle a once over to make sure everything is ok before you continue driving it.

Many times all you will need to do is add some air to your tires and you can do this easily. This may be needed from regular driving of your vehicle. Cold weather can also have an affect on your tire pressure and cause you to need a bit more air in each of your tires or just one.

Faulty sensors can always be a problem so if you suspect this is an issue bring your vehicle in to our service center BMW of Fort Lauderdale today.

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