About Comfort Access BMW Keyless Entry Technology

BMW Comfort Access keyless entry comes standard on some new BMWs, but you can also equip your BMW car or SAV with this helpful technology as an add-on option. Because we often get questions about how this relatively essential everyday feature works here at Lauderdale BMW of Fort Lauderdale, allow us to explain. Be sure to watch the above video as well, which will provide you a real-time example of this helpful technology in use!

Basic BMW Comfort Access Functions : Locking and Unlocking

To use BMW Comfort Access: 1) Make sure your key is in your purse, pocket, or nearly anywhere that is within range of your BMW vehicle. (To learn more about range constraints, consult your owner's manual). 2a) To unlock your vehicle, simply pull your handle as normal, and you will gain entry inside your vehicle. 2b) To lock your BMW, touch your handle at the top for a second, give or take. During the time your BMW is locking, your moonroof, if equipped, and any open windows will automatically begin to close.

Opening Your Trunk Is Easy with BMW Comfort Access

Using BMW Comfort Access Keyless Entry to open your BMW's trunk is easy. All you need to do is press a button on the underside of the trunk lid, near the rear license plate lights. The exact location varies depending on your BMW model, so consult the owner's manual or contact us at Lauderdale BMW if you have any questions.

In newer BMW models, there's another way to open your trunk with BMW Comfort Access, and it's hands free. If equipped with this feature, all you need to do is gently place your foot under the rear bumper of your vehicle, while ensuring you do not touch any hot mechanical components of your vehicle like the muffler. Pull your foot away, and your trunk will open.

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