New Tech Feature Added to Mid-2018 BMW Models Will Make Life A Little Bit Easier

From the home to your vehicle. Technology is following us everywhere we go, and it is making life easier than we could have ever imagined. Florida drivers who are planning on upgrading to a mid-2018 BMW model next year can look forward to a digital onboard assistant that will assist in multiple ways.

The Amazon Alexa feature will be available for BMW models mid-2018 and on, and when it comes to placing Amazon orders for home goods or your everyday essential purchases, you'll be able to do so straight from the driver's seat. Also, you will be able to play your favorite songs via voice command as well as set appointments and schedule dates, all hands-free so you can maintain a solid focus on the roads or highways.

Bmw makes life a little easier for their drivers and when it comes to innovative auto technology, you can count on BMW to have the latest and greatest for their new models.

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